Ellory, Gwen, and Athame are currently driving towards FPX, the Fish Press Expo.  FPX is a convention for independent artists who create comics, illustrations, shirts, and more.  Ellory is particularly excited to meet one of her favorite Sharkana the Glittering artists, Larue Crosley.  Larue makes her living as an illustrator but is more well-known on the internet for her deeply personal and revealing journal comics.  Ellory discovered Larue shortly after learning about her mother’s terminal diagnosis and Ellory attached to Larue’s work as a way to keep herself from spiraling.  She has even started to sketch more and more so that she can make her own comics.

 But Ellory is spiraling.  She has started seeing visions of her father randomly in day to day life.  She has reconnected with her mother in the last few months but her mother is now physically unresponsive due to her illness.

 They arrive at the convention and Ellory is overwhelmed.  Everyone is kind and supportive and friendly with each other.  It almost feels like a second home to Ellory.  She then sees Larue, sitting at a table with the longest line, chatting with people.  She walks up to Larue with a copy of her book and Larue barely makes eye contact and signs it.  Ellory tells Larue that her work has been an amazing help with her struggle with depression and her mother’s condition.  Larue looks inconvenienced by this.  She smiles weakly and just says to Ellory, “Okay. Great.”

 Ellory is crushed.  She thanks Larue and wanders off into the crowd.  Athame overhears this and walks up to Larue to let her know that her work is not good enough to warrant such a detached and condescending personality.  Athame tells Larue that she is not unique and that her only value is in how she shows how similar she is to other people.  Larue shrugs at this.

 Ellory wanders off, trying not to cry, when an artist working at a table alone sees her.  The artist asks Ellory if she is alright and Ellory says that she is not.  The artist looks concerned and introduces herself as Pen, short for Penelope.  Pen asks Ellory if she could see Ellory’s sketchbook and Ellory says no, clutching it closer.  Pen then takes out her own sketchbook and places it on the table in front of her.  She tells Ellory that she can look at her own sketchbook and that she’ll also give Ellory some of her stickers.  Ellory likes her stickers.

 Pen flips through Ellory’s drawings and says that there’s definitely room for improvement but that she can see that Ellory has good artistic reflexes.  She shows her that Ellory seems to have a knack for perspective and expressions.  Ellory looks at Pen’s notebook and tells her that she likes how few lines she uses to draw things, how she can make her work look so elegantly simple.  Pen thanks Ellory and hands over some of her stickers of a cartoon whale.  Ellory looks at the whale and thanks Pen for being a good fish.  Pen smiles and tells Ellory that it’s easy to be when people like Ellory exist.

 Ellory and her friends eventually come home.  Ellory’s mother passes away after a few more weeks.  In her will, Eva leaves Ellory everything she owns as well as an elegy she has been writing.  Ellory then moves in with Gwen for a short period while Gwen’s mother helps Ellory with selling her home and storing her belongings.

 With the help of Gwen’s mother, who still feels indebted to help her deceased friend’s daughter, Ellory moves to another town to begin working as an intern at a PR company.  She then hops from entry-level job to entry-level job until she becomes a call center worker.

 She spends two years working at the call center before she gets a text from Athame, asking to meet up.  They meet at a diner where Athame tells Ellory that Athame’s mother has died.  Ellory begins to comfort Athame before Athame cuts her off and says that she is overjoyed.  She says that this is the best thing that has ever happened to her.  After a short, unsmiling pause, Athame then explains that she has created a small startup company with the money she inherited from her mother.  The company is going to make a trading card game, designed by Athame, and she says that she needs artists.  Ellory says that she is not good enough and Athame agrees and says that Ellory is not good enough.  However, Ellory does know people who would be and Athame says that she needs a good office manager.  Ellory smiles and says that is definitely something she can do.



Gwen will continue her education in a college further northeast from Lodestone Bay.  She is studying to become a medical researcher.  One day, years later, she will try to call Ellory to catch up but Ellory will be having a bad day.  After an awkward conversation, they politely say goodbye to each other.  They don’t realize it, but this will be the last time they ever speak to each other.


Athame’s company becomes a small success, enough to sustain Athame and Ellory and a handful of employees.  Athame is not the most understanding boss but she shows a keen ability to cut just the right corners to be successful.  Strangely, she and Ellory become best friends.  One day, Larue Crosley will come in to be interviewed and just as she is hired Athame will introduce herself as Larue’s new boss.


David will eventually end up at SPL along with Jackie, his sister.  He’ll follow up with Ellory years later and Ellory will see something new in him.  She starts to see a confidence that she’s never noticed in him before.  They will go out one time but the date will end horribly after David begins confessing all of his feelings and showing his vulnerable side again.  While she’s sympathetic to David’s emotions, Ellory stops seeing David as a potential partner and they both part ways.  Although disappointed, David will take this in stride and eventually settle down with someone he meets at a conference near the coast of Maryland.


Kevin will inherit his father’s construction business and become very financially successful.  He will try to talk to Ellory secretly.  Ellory, for a while, will reciprocate secretly.  One day they meet up in the woods and share a kiss.  But Ellory will be overwhelmed with regret and shame and tells Kevin that they can’t do this.  Years later, he will marry a very lovely shark, have two kids, and live the rest of his life genuinely satisfied.  He never thinks about Gwen or Ellory ever again.


Tomalley will become a community manager for a fast food company.  She and David will occasionally talk but they drift apart.  Over time she decides to remove her tags and grow into a more mature haircut and becomes unrecognizable to who she was.


Dabe at one point will try to ask Athame if she wants to get coffee and Athame will go with him only to tell him that she barely knows who he is and has no desire to learn anything about him.  Afterwards, Dabe will then ask Paravane to get coffee and they will have a great conversation.  They then find an apartment to share and become best of friends.  Dabe will work as a project manager at a telecommunications company and Paravane will host an unsuccessful podcast where she improvises short stories.


Dr. Lenexa Daedalus will continue to work as a renowned surgeon until she dies of old age while on vacation.


Eva White will be buried next to her husband’s memorial at Lodestone Cemetery.  Every year, Ellory will read the poem her mother wrote for her.


Ellory White will continue to work as an office manager for Athame’s tabletop gaming company.  She finds a niche as Athame’s counterbalance in office politics and becomes the only person capable of calling Athame out on her bullship.  She will try to date some coworkers but it will never go anywhere.  She’ll look up previous classmates on Fishbook from time to time and be happy that she has a better life than most of them.  Then she will feel bad for being petty.  On weekends she will begin drawing things but never saves them.  She will make mistakes.  Whenever she believes that she has finally figured her life out she will discover that she really, really does not know anything.  But she’ll continue to learn and she decides not to let her failures corrode her soul.  She will try to be the best version of herself that she can be.  Ellory will learn that, although she might not be exactly who she wants to be, she’s okay with who she is.  She accepts that she isn’t perfect.  She accepts that she is Ellory.