Self PortraitAbout Me

Hello, my name is Ryan.

I live in Southern California with my two animals, Flint my dog and Bigby my cat.  I graduated from California State University Long Beach with a degree in Creative Writing and since then I have put it to good work as a customer service representative and, for one month, inspector of foreclosed and abandoned homes.

Ellory originally began as a couple of one-off comics that rapidly became much more popular than I expected.  Eventually I started to really like the character of Ellory and, more importantly, it seemed like people started connecting with Ellory.

And now we’re here.  Let’s see where this takes us.

If you want to reach me, my personal instagram and twitter is @meinschendtler.




Ellory White

Quiet, shy, and limitlessly introspective.  Ellory is a sweet, great, white shark that watches the world from outside as she seems to float further and further away from people.  In her spare time she likes to sort her Sharkana: The Glittering cards and rewatch old seasons of the original Scuba Moon.  She also doesn’t like boys.  No.  Not even Kevin.



Gwen Daedalus

Gwen is the most popular girl in school right now.  But not always.  She can be stylish without effort and attracts all of the cute boy sharks like Kevin and Isaac and I think Dabe sometimes.  Yeah, Dabe not Dave.  Her only real fault is a penchant for talking longer than she should.  Like about that one time she heard a song about foxes and it reminded her of an old shrimp she saw that went over a hill but then it didn’t come back.


Athame Leviathan

It doesn’t matter how vicious you are as long as you’re right…or, at least, that’s what Athame believes.  She is also from one of the oldest shark lineages, only possibly matched by the Daedaluses, and likes to mention that it is not a big deal.  People tend not to like her.  Although she is the school treasurer she has rubbed every club leader and teacher the wrong way by refusing to be anything other than what she is.  Which is noble…probably.



Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash

Everybody loves Kevin.  Especially Ellory.  Ellory has had a crush on Kevin since they were in elementary school together but she’s sure that he doesn’t even know she exists.  Kevin’s family found their wealth by scrapping sunken ships for parts and using the remains to construct homes.  It’s widely expected that Kevin will take over his father’s company, Nash & Bite, but he isn’t sure he’s ready yet.  He’s not sure of anything just yet.


Dabe Hákarl

A Norwegian immigrant from Trondheimsfjord, Dabe is a soft-spoken and stoic person who likes to keep to himself.  However, he seems to have an active life online and updates his Fishbook often.  At times people can mistake his lack of emotional response for apathy but Dabe just tends to keep his reactions to himself.  However, Ellory had not even heard of him until she pulled his name for Secret Santa and immediately fell for him because he watches Scuba Moon.


David Pilchard

Nobody really pays much attention to David.  He’s a frail-looking leopard shark who keeps his head down and keeps his distance.  But he has a number of hobbies such as video editing, animation, fountain pens, miniatures, and bad voice acting.  In his spare time he is also the treasurer for the school’s anime club and is good friends with its president, Tomalley.  He is the youngest sibling of his family and has two older sisters, Jackie and Ruby, who pester him constantly.



Tomalley Corrib

The president of the school’s anime club, Tomalley is one of the few Irish sharks in the school and hails from the River Corrib of Galway.  Although putting out a tougher exterior with her punk hair and research tags, she is actually a very supportive and kind person to people she likes.  She can usually be found online playing games under the handle of “Ironclam.”





Paravane spends most of her time at home with her guardians and is rarely seen outside by other sharks her age.  Her family practices the religion of Queonnism, which worships an ancient five-headed sea serpent.  Although she often confuses certain facts, Paravane seems to be a kind enough person…maybe too kind.



Jackie PilchardJackie Pilchard

Jackie is one of David’s older sisters and is considered the smart one of her siblings.  She’s soft spoken, introverted, careful, and very attached to her brother and sister.  However, she’s also willing to navigate around telling the truth in situations where she’s too afraid to speak up or if she thinks she might hurt someone’s feelings.




Ruby PilchardRuby Pilchard

Ruby is another of David’s older sisters and is considered to be a very special person.  She’s not very bright, bless her.  But Ruby makes up for it by having the confidence to speak up for her siblings when they’re too afraid to move.  Although, sometimes, she’ll tend to speak for them and say the wrong thing.




Evariste White

Evariste, or Eva to her friends, is Ellory’s mother and an Aquatics Test Engineer at the Shark Propulsion Laboratory.  Her job is to double, triple, quadruple check calculations and to make numerous safety tests for new underwater vehicles.  Her days are a very stressful series of testing failures but Eva always tries to be positive and optimistic for the future.



Lenexa DaedalusDr. Lenexa Daedalus

Gwen’s mother, Lenexa, is considered an expert Hepatologist and widely regarded as the best doctor in Lodestone Bay.  In fact, she is so respected that most people just refer to her as “The” doctor.  However her life at home has suffered from her notoriety and she often prefers to stay at her office or at a bar.



Lancet LeviathanLancet Leviathan

Arguably the oldest shark in Lodestone Bay, Athame’s mother has a mysterious past to the younger population of Lodestone but is revered among the older citizens.  A number of respectable citizens in Lodestone Bay, including Dr. Daedalus and Eva, speak of Lancet kindly for her involvement in the founding of the town.  However, the newer generations of sharks find it difficult to respect the hulking, cruel shark that lives in the dark halls of her giant mansion.  There are a number of citizens who wouldn’t mind if she chose to leave.