Ellory White

Quiet, shy, and limitlessly introspective.  Ellory is a sweet, great, white shark that watches the world from outside as she seems to float further and further away from people.  In her spare time she likes to sort her Sharkana: The Glittering cards and rewatch old seasons of the original Scuba Moon.  She also doesn’t like boys.  No.  Not even Kevin.


Gwen Daedalus

Gwen is the most popular girl in school right now.  But not always.  She can be stylish without effort and attracts all of the cute boy sharks like Kevin and Isaac and I think Dabe sometimes.  Yeah, Dabe not Dave.  Her only real fault is a penchant for talking longer than she should.  Like about that one time she heard a song about foxes and it reminded her of an old shrimp she saw that went over a hill but then it didn’t come back.


Athame Leviathan

It doesn’t matter how vicious you are as long as you’re right…or, at least, that’s what Athame believes.  She is also from one of the oldest shark lineages, only possibly matched by the Daedaluses, and likes to mention that it is not a big deal.  People tend not to like her.  Although she is the school treasurer she has rubbed every club leader and teacher the wrong way by refusing to be anything other than what she is.  Which is noble…probably.