September 27, 2015


Welcome!  I thought I would launch the site with a fun, light comic.

Starting with the last comic I’m testing out an idea of using different brushes for the dialogue for different characters.  Since there aren’t classic word balloons with the tails it’s been difficult to find ways to show who’s talking sometimes.  Athame’s voice is the Ensabler, which uses sharp tails at the ends.  Gwen’s is the Pigman Mycon, a basic round brush that’s softer.  And Ellory uses the Concept Textured Round brush, which is slightly transparent and has some detail if you look very closely but most of the time looks normal.

All of these brushes are from Frenden’s Manga Studio 5 pack.  I’m a big fan of MS5 and I hope more people start to use and support it so it can be easier to Google solutions.

Also, feel free to go back through old comics to add comments and put the site through its paces.  If you find any issues you can send an e-mail to or leave a comment here.

Anyways, welcome again!