September 9, 2015


I want to make Gwen and Athame a little more fashionable.  Right now they’re in a strange grandma zone of long dresses and button-up collars.  But that’s good, though, gives me an excuse to browse Racked and watch more Mad Men.

Still going with my strategy of using a dark, round concept brush from Frenden’s Manga Studio 5 brush pack for characters and then the lighter concept brush for backgrounds.  But I want to start using a new layer for more shading options.  Right now just using one screentone layer is proving very limiting for the range of shadows I can use.

In other news, my Wacom Bamboo is stumbling.  I love it but the port keeps blinking and it’s having trouble occasionally picking up my stylus input when first plugging it in.  But that’s alright, might give me an excuse to get an Intuos or something.  At least then I can flip my stylus and use an eraser as a shortcut.