September 21, 2016


So I went to Small Press Expo for the first time this weekend and it was different from what I expected.  Actually, I’m not even sure what exactly I expected.  I guess after years of eavesdropping on Twitter I went expecting to be able to make some new friends immediately and become a part of the webcomics pantheon.  But, as soon as I got there, I realized it’s still just a convention.  It’s definitely an amazing convention, though.  It was ridiculous seeing half of the artists I follow online just lined up in front of me at desks ready to sell and draw things for me.  But, since it’s a convention, it also means there’s hundreds of other people exactly like me who deserve their time with them as well.  I know it isn’t possible but it would’ve been nice to have a chance to have some longer conversations.

But I’m still incredibly grateful for having the chance to talk to these artists.  It’s also odd to be at a point where I can meet someone at a convention a few years ago and then meet up with them again to see how they’ve changed.  I got a quick sketch from Abby Howard at PAX about two years ago and it was pretty cool to see how far she has come at SPX with all of the new projects she has lined up as well as an awesome new hardcover collection.  Also I picked up an adorable shark sticker from an artist named Shoona who was kind enough to notice and compliment my Ellory pin.

Not sure if I’ll go again next year but it was very motivating to see how cool and talented everyone in this community is.  Still hoping to be able to make an Ellory The Shark: Volume 1 book some day.