Human Nature

April 1, 2016


Well, it’s finally time.

This wasn’t a comic about a shark at all.  This was all a dream in the head of a human girl, Ellory, who is a human girl.

Being a shark was just a metaphor for depression.  Being sad is like being underwater, you know?  The world gets drowned out, you feel heavier, and everything takes twice as much effort.  Ellory doesn’t feel like a human.  She feels like an animal.  A water animal.

That’s also why the comic is grainy and in black and white.  It’s like an old-fashioned movie playing in Ellory’s mind.

But this is all in the past now.  At long last we can begin the actual story of Ellory the Human.  From now on the comics will be bright, cheery, and super goofy!  No more sad, awkward, weird comics that make new readers uncomfortable!  It’s just going to be solid laughter and on fleek trends so that all of you fellow kids can relate!

I will answer any questions you have about Ellory’s exciting new marketing direction below!


*I will leave the About section alone just to give you something to reference for the archive but I plan to change that and switch over to another domain.


After some reconsideration and a nap I have decided this may not be the correct direction for Ellory.

Please disregard all of this, I cook socks.