A Nice Juice in This Trying Time

February 24, 2016


Luckily, Ellory was able to keep Gwen from putting potato juice and banana juice together.  Everything worked out.


And I would like to give a plug to an inspiration of mine, Teutron (irl Ørjan Aarvik), who has a new Patreon.  He was the lead artist for the Yogscast before being unfortunately let go recently and his livestream drawings of choose-your-own-adventure Fighting Fantasy books played an incredible part in getting me to begin drawing again.  For the longest time I had stopped drawing because I was sure I could never get any better at it.  Watching him draw on the spot made it easier for me to see how an artist works and follow along.  Since then I was able to start practicing again.  Still not spectacular at drawing but this comic wouldn’t have begun without him.

In fact, Dabe Hákarl being Norwegian is partially inspired by him.  Here is the most recent stream from last year.